Virtualization Solutions

Detroit IT Virtualization 

Detroit IT’s Virtualization Solutions eliminate the need for bulky hardware and increase resource management. Whether your goal is to virtualize workloads, build a private cloud, scale your services through a public cloud, or combination of all three, we will help to build a custom solution that best fits your environment.

The Benefits of a Virtualized Environment

  • Increased Flexibility
  • Simplified Management
  • Enhanced Security
  • Centralized Control
  • Remote Access to Applications and Data
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cost Savings

Virtualization Solutions

Server Virtualization
Server virtualization is the partitioning of a physical server into smaller virtual servers. This saves your business money by eliminating the need to purchase hardware and maximizing your server resources.
Network Virtualization
Detroit IT’s certified consultants will help you build your own virtual network by combining hardware and software network resources and network functionality into a single, software-based entity. Improve application speeds, quickly provision networks for workloads, and eliminate mandatory access to physical switches.
Storage Virtualization
Pooling your data from multiple storage devices into what appears to be a single device that is managed from a central console. Administrators can implement virtualization with software applications or by using hardware and software hybrid appliances and simplify the tasks of backup, archiving, and recovery.
Security Virtualization
After making the decision to virtualize your infrastructure, it is important to make sure you take the proper security measures. Your previous physical security devices were not designed to protect the new virtual components’ architecture of virtualization. Detroit IT’s Virtual Security Solutions are designed to protect your business from virtual threats.
Application Virtualization
Application virtualization allows you to download specific applications that your employees use on a day to day basis to each user’s local computer. Once completely downloaded, a streamed application can function without a network connection.

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