DIT’S Holiday Celebration at CJ Barrymore’s

holiday party for CJ Barrymores marketing

How did Detroit IT celebrate the holidays this year? CJ Barrymore’s style. We spent the evening bowling, playing laser tag, mastering arcade games and creating endless memories with our team and our friends at Element5.

Key takeaways from this year’s holiday celebration:

air hockey game at 2014 christmas partyNot all air hockey matches are friendly

Air hockey games can get quite intense with just two people playing; when there are four people playing, it can be madness. After a few puck-flips off the table and quite a few bruised knuckles, Mike’s skills pulled through for the win.

If laser tag was an Olympic sport, we’d be gold medalists

In a fierce laser tag match against Element5, (naturally) Detroit IT came out victorious. We’re a group of guys—and Stephanie—that love technology—that includes video games. All that gaming finally came in handy during this battle royale.

stephanie bowling at christmas partyAlternative bowling methods are sometimes best

When all else fails to get more than two pins at a time when bowling, changing your stance can really improve your game—or at least make it more fun to not be very good. Stephanie prefers the backwards and between the legs approach to amp up her bowling game.

We should probably super-spy-christmas-partykeep our day jobs and not be spies

We’ve all seen those spy movies where they duck and weave between lasers to get to the vault, right? Well, after John’s attempt in the super spy laser maze, he may suggest those maneuvers are best left for the big screen. How bad was it? Let’s just say if they were real lasers he may not have any limbs left.

Always remember to give back

With all the joy our holiday season brought, we wanted to share some of that cheer with others that truly deserve it. Along with Element5, we shopped for, wrapped and delivered presents to a local family that had recently encountered some tough times. Some of us may not be the best shoppers when it comes to little girls’ wish lists, but we had a great time shopping together and found great comfort knowing we were helping a mother and her children enjoy their holiday as a family.

As a company, 2014 brought tremendous changes and successes. As colleagues, last year brought many memories and individual achievements. As we venture to make this year the best one yet, we’re exited for everything that 2015 will bring!

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