Microsoft Lync is now Skype for Business – What You Need to Know

New Changes and Advantages of Skype for Business

Microsoft Lync is Now Skype for Business
As of April 2015, Microsoft Lync is going through a major transformation. Lync has merged with Skype to create Skype for Business Clients. If you already have a personal Skype account, you will be pleased with the traditional blue and white, Skype-themed look and feel––and let’s not forget the awesome emoticons! If you are a first-time Skype user, there is no need to worry. The new Skype for Business is exceedingly user friendly.
Skype for Business allows you to connect with not only members of your organization, but the entire Skype directory across the globe. Its features include instant messaging, audio, video and web conferencing in real-time, using the device of your choice!
Apart from the cosmetic upgrade to your daily internal communication method, there are some major benefits for Skype for Business users that will help to streamline and speed up processes.

What Is Changing?

• Lync 2013 clients are changing to Skype for Business clients.
• Lync Web app is changing to Skype for Business web app.
• Lync admin center is changing to Skype for Business admin center.
• Lync Online is changing to Skype for Business Online.

What are the advantages?

1) New Look, Feel and Emoticons!

New Look, Feel, and Emoticons in Skype for Business

Skype for Business has a new inviting and user-friendly feel with all of the original Lync features! With one quick click or tap, the Quick Action buttons allow you to make a call, start an instant message or a video chat. You can search for names, phone numbers or hover over your contacts to invite them into a chat. Once in a chat, you are able to invite new members and add audio. You are also able to include fun emoticons to add emotion or humor to your chats, when appropriate.

2) Quick Access to Call Controls

Skype for Business Quick Access and Call Controls

Call controls are now only ONE click away! Skype for Business has implemented this simplification to advance functionality. You are able to present with one quick touch or click. The dial-pad and call controls remain visible throughout your entire call, allowing you to easily mute or end calls, drag and drop visible files, invite new attendees, or switch to a video conference.

3) Ability to Make Calls from Skype Business Using Your Desk Phone or Cell Phone – Available for Skype for Business Server 2015

Make Calls from Skype for Business Using your Desk or Mobile Phone






This feature allows you to make calls from Skype for Business using any phone of your choice. Whether you are at your desk or away on your cell, you are able to stay connected. The contact you are calling will still see your company’s mainline phone number, no matter where you chose to place the call from.

If you have a Private Branch Exchange desk phone, your IT department or provider will be able to configure your settings––allowing you to search for members of your organization directly from Skype for Business. The audio will play directly through your PBX phone.

4) Integration with the Global Skype Directory – Available for Skype for Business 2015 or Skype for Business Online

Skype for Business allows you to access the full Skype directory




By integrating Lync with the entire Skype directory, you are able to search for contacts within your organization and around the world.  Choose either the My Contacts Tab or Skype Directory Tab to search for names, IM addresses or phone numbers. This feature is ideal for  out-of-state employee interviews or to connect with clients remotely.

5) OneNote Integration

Skype for Business Integrates with Onenote




Using the present button, you are able to open up OneNote, directly through Skype for Business and start taking notes.  The OneNote page will automatically include who has joined your current chat!

6) Call Monitor – Requires Skype for Business User Interface

Adjust the size of your screen with the Skype for Business Call Monitor






This feature enables you to alternate between a full-sized Skype for Business window and a minimized, smaller window, keeping call controls visible. In the minimized window you are able to mute or end the call, while working on other tasks.

7) Rate My Call Feature

Rate Your Call in Skype for Business










The Rate My Call feature gives you the option to evaluate the audio quality of each call. You are able to rate up to five stars or select if you experienced distorted speech, electronic feedback, background noise, muffled speech or an echo during your call. This feature helps the Server Administrators to collect data, access standard reports, and export raw data to further analyze.

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