Detroit IT Participated in the Corelympics

At Detroit IT, we believe in friendly competition.

We constantly challenge each other to perform our personal best each and every day. We also believe that this competition leads to collaboration. As a team, we are able to compensate each other’s weaknesses and build on both of our strengths, providing our customers with the best possible experience.

Earlier this month, our team decided to take the competition outside of the office and compete in individual and team events at the 2015 Summer Corelympics.


The name Corelympics, originates from Core3 Solutions, our parent company. Detroit IT and Element5’s team members joined forces to compete in a series of events. The events, consisting of knocker ball, a water balloon toss, corn hole, a relay race and an intense game of Family Feud, highlighted our energetic and innovative company culture. Our culture is present in everything we do and team building activities have become a large part of it.


Being able to connect with our co-workers out of the office strengthens our relationships at work. Our non-work related discussions bring us closer, resulting in the creation of some hilarious nicknames and inside jokes. (We will keep those to ourselves.) Most of all, our culture encourages our team members to have each other’s backs and work together as a team.

…Unless, of course, we are playing Family Feud. The most cutthroat of the Corelympic games.

Family Feud 1

Detroit IT is proud to be a part of the Core3 Family, and we look forward to continuing to grow our team! If you are interested in a career opportunity with DIT, check out our Careers Page!

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