What Makes Windows 10 a Perfect Ten?


Detroit IT’s certified consultants have tested out Windows 10 and wanted to share our favorite new features!

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Let’s Start with Number 10

10. Control Panel Updates

– All PC Settings and the control panel have been unified, allowing users to manage their device with ease, from one centralized location.

9. The Action Center

– View all of your notifications in one place! In the new Action Center you are able to view alerts from all devices and apps. Most applications will allow you to react or respond directly from the action center.

8. Continuum

– Seamlessly switch your hybrid laptop-tablet device. If you are working using your keyboard or mouse, when un-plugging, a you will receive a pop-up notification to enable a layout that is designed for touch. Upon re-docking your tablet you will receive a notification to exit tablet mode.

7. Touch Support for Office Apps

– Office Apps have never been better! With Windows 10, there will now be a touch-first interface for Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Flag or delete your messages in Outlook with a quick swipe right or left.

6. Universal Apps

– The new Universal Apps section, will create a unified interface across all devices. Your content, photos, videos, music, etc. will all be stored on Microsoft’s cloud service, OneDrive.

5. Multi-Tasking

– Open multiple virtual desktops to categorize your activities whether they are work or home related. You will never have to stack windows on top of each other again.

4. Spartan Browser

– Goodbye Internet Explorer, hello Project Spartan Browser. Spartan Browser has built in Cortana to pull information from your favorite sites and email. You will also receive PDF support and a reading mode that improves viewing and note taking.

3. Xbox App

– The Xbox App for Windows 10 will support game streaming through your home network and allow you to connect with your friends, viewing their Xbox Live feed. Record and edit your best gaming moments, using the DVR feature, which will snap up to 30 previous seconds of your game to share.

2. Cortana on the Desktop

– Your very own digital assistant, Cortana, will be available to you via voice control, to allow hands free interaction.

1. Customized Start Menu

– The always familiar start menu, located in the bottom left corner, has been brought back into Windows 10, only this time, even better! There is now a left column that will showcase your pinned and frequently used apps. The best part about this start menu is that it it offers complete customization to re-size and re-organize your apps the way that you want to see them displayed!

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