4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Embrace IT Managed Services

The results of Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey 2016 demonstrate that more companies are outsourcing their IT management, as 31 percent of respondents indicated that they’re already working with third party providers. With the managed services market estimated to grow from $145 billion this year to $242 billion by 2021, there will be implications for organizations of all sizes.

However, it’s arguable that small businesses may stand to gain the most by transitioning to IT managed services. Here are some of the key factors that are driving them to outsource.

Enhanced Security

Data breaches have been on the rise over the last few years, and the cost to small businesses is staggering. On average, smaller companies spend around $38,000 to recover from a single incident – plus another $8,00 in indirect expenses, such as staffing, training, and infrastructure upgrades intended, avoid future events. Companies will also experience damage to reputation, which may cost over $8,600 to restore.

By outsourcing IT services, small businesses stay current on technology trends and influences that affect the security of data. Third party providers work with you to maintain proper security policies, train users on proper procedures to reduce risk and will assist you in choosing solutions that meet your company’s security requirements.

Innovation and Efficiency

Unless your small business is a tech company, it’s unlikely that your team’s forte is IT: They’re too busy doing their own jobs to focus on the innovations in technology that could help your company gain competitive advantage. The Deloitte Survey indicates that 35 percent of respondents value innovation in their partnerships with IT managed services. These companies could be your competitors.

When you want the best for your business, you need to invest resources in innovation and efficiency, but your time is limited. Outsourcing your IT services to experts in the field ensures your technology is cutting edge, while you can concentrate on running your company.

Predictable IT Costs

To small business owners, the bottom line is everything. If you’re like many of them, you might assume that outsourcing is more expensive than keeping IT services in-house. However, these providers handle management tasks for a fixed monthly fee, which assures predictable costs that work within your budget.

Reliable Maintenance and Support

An outsourced IT services provider will handle maintenance issues and can respond to requests in a timely manner – with help desk support often available on a 24×7 basis. Small businesses that handle IT in-house typically only have one person designated for all company issues, which means they’re severely shorthanded in the event of a IT crisis. Even a minimal downtime can translate into huge costs for small businesses unable to function until critical operations are restored.

With these benefits in mind, small business owners must consider outsourced IT services in the context of peace of mind: Can you run your company successfully while also assuring stability, security, and innovation in your IT services? Unless the answer is a resounding “Yes,” it’s time to start looking into a IT managed services provider that suits your business needs. For more information on our services for businesses of all sizes, please contact Detroit IT.

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